Jan. 11th, 2012

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Crafting Projects this year..

1 major project for myself! that is my bee keepers blanket. i'll post pictures here in a second of what i got so far on it.

10 crafts for other people.

1 Katie
2 Dusty
3 Caya
4 Savvy
5 new baby cousin
6 Livvy
7 surprise for online friend
8 surprise for online friend
9 mom and dad
10 open for anyone else i feel like it

and i plan to sew more!

Also.. to the first 3 people to post here. i will hand make you a card. to get sometime in the next year. and i encourage you to post up something similar to this. i encourage EVERYONE to post up something like this. to do somethign handmade for someone. i seriously love getting mail. and found all my damn stamps so now i can send mail out to other people. int he USA included. :D

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