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so took little girl for pictures yesterday.

Man, i miss being int he studio. i think i got a good fix on the studio though. Ashley was laughing as i went completely right back into photographer mode. and showed her some tricks i picked up, and some ideas i had for the studio and for pictures.

all in all, had a great day. got to show off Caya to people more. they kept coming to the studio for baby fixes. hehe..

so all in all it was a good day.

bahu was very bad though. he decided to play a trick on me. i did not take it so well. and i almost had a panic attack over it.

He decided after i pulled the stroller out of the trunk, to drive away before i could get caya out of the back. i felt so stupid and OMg over standing there with a empty stroller, i burst into tears when i seen him drive back up laughing. infact it still brings tears up.

there are so many stories out there of parents leaving kids in cars when they aren't use to driving them somewhere and such. and them dying of exposure to cold/heat it totally set off a panic mode in me and the " OMG my baby is in danger!" not funny. and i hope he nevers pulls that again.

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