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i had a fucking blast!

all you bitches who didn't go to Pue Spec! do it next year! i'm hooked! i love it! I even made peter watts happy with a picture. (it kinda made my day, and i drank his beer the night before HAHA ) maybe one day i'll sit down and read his full length novels. i've red some of his 10 minutes, 10 monkeys stories. liked them. Go find his books and read them! NOW! even better http://rifters.com you've been told! GO!

the klingons were a awesome group to hang out with! i am finding i adore their sense of humor and fit right in. Who would have ever thought? maybe this saterday i'll r to go to their coffee and stay long enough for the furry coffee at 1 am. hehe.

went to 2 of the comic talks panels put on by Happy Harbour comics. Jay was fantastic, the panels well thought out, gave alot of insite to the comic world, and alot of good advice as well! like don't flake. EVER. set yourself realistic deadlines if doing something, find someone to colab with if ou can nad work from there.

Vicious Ambicious was a awesome group of guys to listen too! i'm going to look for VA on comics now, and maybe pick up a few. i didnt want to spend too much on the con, cuz i had spent enough already ont hings. XD (like new hair! oh girlie!)

oh! played a game called Ca$h'n Gun$ fucking awesome game!, really! find it! buy it! play it! basic premis of it is, our a group of gangsters on a big hiest, you just got a shit load of money and can't decide how to split it up. Here comes the foam guns, you start the round by laying down one of 3 cards (click, bang or bang bang bang) ont e count of 3 everyong takes their guns nad points it at any of the players. if you have more then one gun on you you can chicken ou of the round, or stay in it. if you ahve a bang bang bang card, it gets played first, that person who had it pointed at them is dead. everyone else flips the card. if bang, your dead, if click, you live! and get to share in the bounty! end when out of money, or everone is dead.

there are a few more thing then that in it. but it is awesome! Xd

the general talking to people, the finding old friends (omg nicole i missed you!) and making new friends, best experience ever!

So mark our calanders! oct 18-20 is the possible dates for next year! BE THERE DAMMIT! we're going to try nd have chumpions written up enough to play a round while we are there. XD

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