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enough bitching about work!

Onto something else! like ART!

i love me some art. i love me some icons. and i wish my icon meme would take off. but alas, it appears not so. oh well. it is a meme that requires alot of work. well depending on if you want to MSN paint it or not. lol i think msn paint would be a GREAT idea!

and i ahve some doodles i should post up. some ideas for a adoptable pet for wajas. which i am saddly addicted to again. i really do love wajas so much. it's easier to take care of them ponyisland. and i still have the very first used devine waja, which is so pretty. i'm SpacePirate on there right now. or user #36 yup. that's right, i have a double digit user number. GO ME!


So i am pretty much rambling. dunna know what else to say, so i might go to bed. i work all this weekend, get tuesday off, work pretty much wed/thur/fri and FRI MY MOM COMES! yaaaaayyy!!1 SSOOO excited! so i gotta clean this house up a little bit more! and clean up my disaster craft area down stairs. it's a disaster once again, le sigh, i am a disaster crafter. i destroy areas. bahu can grumpily attest to it.
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Everything is going well. First doc appointment went well. got given some info, When i have time next week, going to go get bloodwork done. Didn't have time (or energy) to do it today.

other then that, said 9-ish weeks along. so 3 more weeks till out of the first trimester, and out of spontaneous miscarriage zone.

Nothing else new, Work was a miserable loss of pay today. really. Nothing went right. i Didn't miss a thing aparently. none of hte systems worked till 645. We did mock sessions. they were fun! i treated it like a regular sessiona dn took pictures for the "cust" to love! BUhahhahaa!~ She even said she wanted to take them home! hahahhaaaa.....

Can't wait to get back to my own studio though.

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