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i celebrate Christmas in the we spent it with family sorta way. we switch between 3 houses over the years, either my MIL, my FIL or my mom's place. we did it once at our house, but not since the girls were born.

would love to have family over to our place, we are just not big enough to host FIL and his fiance, MIL, AND my mom and dad. and my kids. and my sisters and their kids. maybe one day we can look forward to a huge christmas like that.

i love celebrating with family.
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there are many things i could say.

first of all, those bitches in school are NOT your friends. no matter how much you want to believe they are. Do NOT try to fit in. being yourself is MUCH more important. and that sweater that pisses off the rich girls, that poor lonely ol'you has one JUST like it. wear it more. it looked good on you. you didn't need to throw it out because you felt ashamed of trying to look better. and.. don't let mom do your hair.
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i am sweating like a pig as i clean a office, and spent the morning chatting at my sister and my child.

i can not wait to go home and have a shower.

My FIL invited us over for supper as they watch the game. but that would turn into everyone else watching tv and being all excited about it, my kid crying as every gets loud over a goal made, and my boyfriend sitting on his laptop studying for his class on monday.

wait... we can do exactly this MINUS the crying at home.
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If this was my last day on earth? i think i would walk around naked. everywhere i go. for the sheer joy of being free. not in a clothes hating, clothes mongering society where anything above a size 4 is fat! seriously! when the average woman is a size 12. that is cruel and unusal punishment by the fashion industry.


I would also request to sample chocolate. alot of good and expensive chocolate. a feast for all my friends.


and in other news. i'm not feeling well again. it could be because of sleep, or getting sick. prolly sick though. i deal with alot of kids, and kids who come in with ruynny noses and put their grimey hands all over everything. and wipe thier noses in ther hands and try to stick them in my mouth. (true story!)

Speaking of kids, i can't believe lil munchkin is going to be 2 soon! I've been taking his pictures since he was i think 3-5 months old! omg.. the joys of working with in the studio so long! buhahahaa! I also had another customer tell me they are my "permenat customers" very nice east indian family! next time they coming in, they coming in all thier east indian finery! i can hardly wait! i LOVE doing ethnic costumes! they are so unique and colourful, and really have alot to say about their cultures.

But now i sleep.
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hum.. kinda inspired by Hollyann's post about this...

my first time left alone, was technically babysitting, but my parents both had stuff to do, a nd i managed to convince them i could do it.. at 10 years old. that's right, 10! some may think this isn;t mature enough, the babysitting course though St. Johns you had to be 11. but my mom started off with small trips. 5-15 min trip to the store.. them moved up to taking a night off with my dad, phoning atleast once to check in on us.. then moved on from there.

one incident i remember from this, i wasn't really alone, but my mom had a night job, so i was suppose to watch my sisters. My mom woke up and moved to the couch, i asked if i could go out, she said yes.. little did i know. less then 5 minutes later, she was asleep on the couch and my middle sister followed me to my friends. which left my little 2-3 year old sister at home. alone with my sleeping mom. My dad found her playing in a puddle in the street. boy he was pissed.

Another incident.. My sister Has ADD we didn;t find this out till she was in junior high. so it lead to a trying childhood of a girl who would not listen or do anything you wanted her too. she had a stubborn streak in her to match a donkey.

Anyways, so she was going out, we were suppose to finish a list of chores, then we could play, i refused to do her work. she wanted to play, so she walked out the front door. i had a baby sister to watch so i banged on the window.... And put my hand through it.

it was bad too. so bad the doctors weren't sure if i would have use of my pinkie finger again. but they checked it out for glass, nothing but some small chips. and closed it up. they checked it out after it started to heal and didn't look s fucked up. turns out, the way i sliced it JUST missed some of the nerves that rung along that side of your hand. it however, did not miss them all. To this day, i have nerve damage on that hand from that, and another scar i have from a tin can lid.

I still can't hold things too tight. things constantly slip from my hand, or my hand grasps things too late after i tell it to. like stare at it nad tell it too. stupid hand. good for painting XD.

Anyways, those are the things that happened when i was left at home.

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