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Soo.. Those that were interested have been added to my doll filter. If you want to know mroe on that doll i ahd int he living room (or just plain want to know mroe about Asian ball jointed dolls) leave a msg here, and i will add you to the list! Post forthcoming under the doll filter (and doll tag) with info on them and where to find them.

Party info:

Party was a successful event! Thank you to everyone who came out! lets see if i can remember everyone!

Boarral and Dragina are going to top my list at the moment., Totally unexpcected! thank you guys so very much! it was super awesome seeing you!

Rei, Jia and monica, As always, Monica was a lil saint, over active as usual, but good kid, and the chicken you guys brought! Wow!

Willis, Rhari, Ssithl, (Guy who showed up very late, i have no idea your name) Thank you so very much for joining us! Nice to see new faces in the crowd!

Marijke, Clever, Maskwa, Maikeru! you guys are always welcome! clever, the chili was awesome, i only got a few bites but yum!

Kosei, Orci, Lakota, Thanks you guys! it was nice seeing you! Orci! we must geek out some time! i'l get picture developed soon! Kosei! added you to doll filter, And Lakota, Your always welcome in this house, you fit in with us freaks and weirdos! :)

Duke, Boh, Dr. jackel, Silkpaws It was nice seeing you guys out! specially since of late, hardly seen any of you. Although, Dr. J If you ever stick your hands int he icing like that again, i will slap them with a butcher knife.

Heather, Wished you could have stayed longer, but you looked soo tired, Next time then:)

And Becky! i know you won't read this, But your cake was to die for! Not that many people that i know get hailed for a cake at a party! XD

Anyone i missed, i'm sorry, memory still a little shot from the back pain last night, flaired up aftger swimming and running around with heavy bags! XD

Good times were had by all! potluck was taken by all! and i have peeps from kosei yum!

Post comments here if there is anything you can suggest for the next one! (most likely around june)

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