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i am going to write today about something a friend once told me.

When you have children, give up on your dreams.

which i think is incredibly false. my children are a part of me yes, but my dreams will NEVER be given up upon JUST because i had children.

i dream of being a photographer. i want to try all sorts of stuff i never tried before. glamour, boudoir, fashion, runway, newborns, family, sporting events and so forth.

I've done a wedding. never doing that again. i give huge props to people who can do it. i would be a second photographer for one, but never a primary again. way too stressful.

i did do kids and families in studio while at the big box company, but want to learn more natural lighting, and setups with as little flash photography as possible.

i also want to try doing macro and landscape. i don';t think i got the eye for tiny photography or for landscape. i do know someone who shoots ants. his stuff is amazing and he should put together a collection of it for a gallery or something. i just can't look at it. i'm too squeamish about it.

so my kids can be part of my dream. If Anne Geddes can start from her incredibly humble beginnings, i can too. She is one of my photography heroes. and i really should go purchase her big coffee table book when i can. so amazing listening to where she started from.

i know i can get caught up in the little details. i would like a studio setup. i would love to have my living room be more versatile where i could move everything out or around and use it as a studio. i got a lot of natural light from one side, and enough room i could set up lights in there as well. one day. that is a $2000 dollar dream though~

so never give up your dreams. they might be put off for a little while. but never ever given up upon.
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