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keeping track of patterns used to make the animals in noah's ark. :D :D :D

this is a trade i am doing with someone.


duck and possibly chicken


horse Zebra and giraffe pattern




ewe an ram





modified for Pig and Elephant. will have to write out patterns worked out really reallly really well!




( like this one too)

has pattern for bunnies, frog and turtle



use as base for Lion and Lioness. :D

and i think that is about it. Any of these patterns (that i am able too) if you want me to make you something after i am done this, let me know! it will cost you though! unless you got something to trade. buhahahaha!!

this one is a project i'm going to do for my mom's birthday


haha our obsession with moose and outhouses. XD
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it's all Bahumats fault!

The itsy bitsy spider, went up the water spout
in through the A/C and into mommy's mouth.
Crawled into her brain and there it laid its eggs
and the itsy bitsy spider made your mother crazed.

behind here, cuz they are biiiiiig )

there you go.. this is just a digital copy till i can do a watercolour copy int he form of a little book. :D
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so i did up some paintings tonight. prolly about 6 hours of work in all. about 4 on the Parrot, and 2 on the octopus. XD

under here, they are big )

i LOVE colours! can you tell?
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12 hours of sleep.. 12 FREAKING hOURS OF SLEEP! i clearly needed it, and only woke up-ish once to hear the wind, rolled over stuffed 2 blankets over my ehad and went back to sleep. didn't even dream, which i how i know i needed alot of sleep.

i have my dresser somewhat painted up. Herre is the top drawer..

See more here! )
when i's all done i'll take proper pictures in the sunlight, so to have the best lighting. XD until then, your all going to get crappy pictures! ENJOY!

Art Dump~

Aug. 13th, 2007 12:49 am
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mm.. So feeling the need to post up my art here for everyone to see! XD been playing alot with the new watercolour paints that i got. i loves them!

Art! [8] )

Fewf, i've been buusy painting up a storm! XD
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forgive the mess. i did both of these in less then 5 hours total sew time. XD and didn't feel like cleaning up right away. so now i pay the price. c;leaning all day today! XD
Imgaes behind the cut! )

oh! let me tell you! if you are making a wallet and not sure of the cards are going to fit in t here SAVE any fake cards that come to you in the mail! i have 3-4 now! Works WONDERS while trying to side it out, and if you sew through it, no worries, it's fake anyways. XD

Art Dump~

Mar. 2nd, 2007 09:30 pm
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6 images today! :)

watercolours! )
painting! )


Feb. 9th, 2007 03:41 pm
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Okay! So i finished the Headphones! Here are as clear shots of them i can get witht this camera! :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More under cut! )

and a bit of a art dump!
lookies! )

blargh.. got cold in here. Maybe the fucking ants will go away then!
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Soo.. This is my inprogress pictures of my headphones! XD

That is a stock picture of what they looked like before. :)

Semi tutorial under here of painting headphones )
Annnnd that is all i ahve done so far! XD sorry for crappy pictures. Flash is washing out allt he details. will try and scan it in once i have them all completed and sealed!

Now i just have to decide if i'm doing something witht he headband, or if i'm just going to leave it as it is.... I might find another set just so i can make them all deviled up with little devil horns on the headbad. Tee heee....
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

bigger vesion under here! )

seriously loving this picture of scarlet! XD Glynn and Gamble ahve by far the cutest dog! If anyone wants me to play with a pet picture! lemmie know! i'll gladly do it! hehe....
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sooo trying to decide on what to do for art.

i want to try more 3d concepts pieces. makes me wish i had a show handily availble for use, bleh!

but anyways..

this is one!

Sun Conures )

butterflies )

Red eyed tree frog! )

so i dunna know. if i do them. i don't know if i wnat to keep them. i don't ahve the space for them here. so they would defiantely be up for sale. as hard of a time as i have as selling my art. art of anykind. unless specifically commissioned.

speaking of which. Rhari! i have that badge about 40% done. it just needs more paints. and the background worked on. XD but i need more variety in colours. So off to walmart i go on wednesday. oh yay. walmart this close to xmas and after work is hell. i don't miss that place. and won't go back. no matter how much i hate this job. i hate walmart even more.
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now offering! For the Price of one dollar each! Post-it note sketches!

comes in your choice of bright yellow! blue or neon green!

sketches must be simple ones! or post one word if you want one!


oops.. big pictures! )

Also offering painted conbadges!
done on templates of wood! will receive one scanned copy of the piece so can print it of and wear it. and the original!

20 dollars! + shipping

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Post here if you want something! Paypal accepted! NO PORN! NO PRONZ!
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Added some new things to my art ref post!


[Poll #874674]

hahaha.. For All "Other" on there, please post a comment with which questions and the whys. :)
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it's now 2 am.

i am pooped.

but.. i have a beautiful image to show for it! Stupid sun conures and my muse biting me brains!

Birrddeeeee )


Oct. 13th, 2006 11:24 pm
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Art stuffs! XD

Several... )

This is my friday the 13th post! XD
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] hollyann! XD

10 people
Post your fursona (or your own favourite character) and be sure to also list a physical description (be it linked to a reference sheet or a written description), and tell me an interesting thing you want them to be doing. Can be silly or whatever you want!

1 Bahumat
2 janusd DONE
3 corwyn13 DONE
4 meisjedegaze DONE
5 dracothorpe DONE
6 whitewulfe
7 nanashi DONE
8 maikeru
9 Indruh
0 dukeskunk DONE

Only the first 10 will be accepted! XD I will post the sketch back as a reply to you. :)
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So i updatesd my art ref post..


added a page full of birds. Awesome website.. Lead to me making a whtie ferret/green jay gryphon. XD Will prolly be buddies with a harlequin rabbit. :) She has no name yet, Neither does the Gryph. i'll post pictures up there once i finalize their designs.

other then that, Been a pretty good day.
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http://www.furaffinity.net/view/193714/ hehehee...

adn other arts!

Nwy! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/193702/


She is still a little wet when i took the picture. not sure what else to do witht he white space in it. so i think i shall leave it. :)
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More incredible cuteness! XD XD XD



Kat's Kaytee Corgipup! XD XD

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