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pregnancy pretests )

and other news.. sooo freaking tired... SOO TIRED...

and the nurse who took me blood, kept telling me how they use to many needles when you give birth, seriously.. could you ahve not told me this? i hate needles. is there any ways i can get away with not using needles during birth? IV scare the living crap out ofme, so huge and i hate the feeling of things under my skin. Yes i have had a IV before when i was 6. i was EXTREMELY creeped out by it.
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Everything is going well. First doc appointment went well. got given some info, When i have time next week, going to go get bloodwork done. Didn't have time (or energy) to do it today.

other then that, said 9-ish weeks along. so 3 more weeks till out of the first trimester, and out of spontaneous miscarriage zone.

Nothing else new, Work was a miserable loss of pay today. really. Nothing went right. i Didn't miss a thing aparently. none of hte systems worked till 645. We did mock sessions. they were fun! i treated it like a regular sessiona dn took pictures for the "cust" to love! BUhahhahaa!~ She even said she wanted to take them home! hahahhaaaa.....

Can't wait to get back to my own studio though.

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