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red kidney bean burgers )
ginger snaps! )

so freaking delicious are these cookies.
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it's all Bahumats fault!

The itsy bitsy spider, went up the water spout
in through the A/C and into mommy's mouth.
Crawled into her brain and there it laid its eggs
and the itsy bitsy spider made your mother crazed.

behind here, cuz they are biiiiiig )

there you go.. this is just a digital copy till i can do a watercolour copy int he form of a little book. :D
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Carrot Cake

2 eggs
1 cup sugar
2/3 cups oil
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
3/4 cup grated carrots
1/2 cup chopped nuts

Beat together the eggs, sugar and oil. Combine the flour,baking soda, salt, vanilla and cinnamon and add to the sugar mixture and beat well. Stir in the carrots and nuts.Pour into a greased and floured Bread 'n Cake pan. Cover and place in the slow cooker. cover bake on High for 2 1/2 to 4 hours

This recipe is from www.crock-pot.ca.

i sooo want to try this one! I really do! dammit, i wish i had a second lid for my other crockpot where the dishwasher broke it! it aparently didn't like being subjected to high temperatures.. :(
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i seriously want him to record this if he does a cd.. i would buy it. and listen to it over nad over and over and over again.

Adma Lambert for American Idol 2009. if i could vote, he would get mine every week. he is simply amazing.. AMAZING!

also.. as soon as i started playing it.. Caya went to sleep and fussed when it stoppedd playing. this is a song i don't mind listening to multipule times. XD
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played with my studio lights that i've had for a month now..

more under here )
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holding up walls with your incredible head strength.
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so.. Here we are sitting in my kitchen, talking bread. nice soft delicious bread. so good, it's almost gone. i'd have to make 2 loaves a day to keep up with these guys. XD

Here is the recipe!

Slow cooker white Bread

Granulated sugar 2 tsps
warm water 1 1/4 cups
envelope active dry yeast 8g (or one whole envelope)

Stir in sugar with warm water in a large bowl. sprinkle with yeast, let stand for 10 minutes. Stir slowly to dissolve yeast.

All purpose flour 2 cups
Granulated Sugar 2 TBsp
cooking oil 2 Tbsp
Salt 1 tsp

add first flour, sugar, cooking oil and salt. beat with a mixer on low to moisten, beat on high for 2 minutes.

Flour 1 cup

Knead 1 cup into bowl until a stiff dough forms. grease botton of a 3.5L slow cooker. Turn dough into slow cooker. lay 5 paper towels between top of cooker and lid. Put wooden match of object 3 MM thick between paper towels and slow cooker to allow a bit of steam to escape. Do NOT lift lift for first 1 3/4 hours of cooking time. Cook on high for 2 hours. loosen sides with knife when done, and turn onto a rack to cool. cuts into aprox 16 pieces.

This bread is a bit more porous then regular bread. and has that delightful cooked at home texture. i love it sooo much! i have a larger slow cooker, so i double the recipe. works just as well. and makes a nice LARGE loaf of bread. so stupidly easy.

I also have on in here for a herb bread. when i get more flour and butter i will attempt it. but i used the last of my flour on this last loaf of bread. oh costco! here i come!

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